Bicycle Advisory Committee

Public input plays a critical role throughout the planning process. A Bicycle Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from Houston's bicycling community, implementing authorities, community leaders, and other representatives, will guide the development of the Bike Plan.
- Houston Bike Plan (2017)

BAC Members and Supporting Staff, from back to front row, L to R:

Ben Drews, Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association, David Fields, Ian Hlavacek, Managing Engineer, Multimodal Safety & Design Branch, Houston Public Works

Tracy Alexander, AARP Foundation, Lisa Graiff, Houston Parks Board, Brandon Mosley, Transportation Planner II, Planning & Development, Brian D. Smith II, Transportation Planner, Planning & Development, Mike VanDusen, Super Neighborhood Alliance, Dr. Veon McReynolds, Third Ward/South Houston, Monique Johnson, Deputy Assistant Director-Transportation, Planning & Development, Kim Mickelson, Sen. Assistant City Attorney, Legal

Robin A. Holzer, Neartown/Montrose, Leah Chambers, Outside Voices, Jessica Wiggins, Harris County Pct. 4, Tom Compson, Chair, Community Advocate, Alejandro Perez, Vice Chair, North Houston, Joe Cutrufo, BikeHouston, Trevor Reichman, Community Advocate

About the Committee

The committee will advise and make recommendations to the Planning Commission and Planning Director on bicycling issues in Houston, including amendments to the Bike Plan, bicycle safety and education, strategies for funding projects, and promoting public participation in bicycling. The Committee was established by ordinance in 2017 to assist in implementation of the Houston Bike Plan.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) formed two subcommittees in May 2018. The two subcommittees are the Infrastructure Subcommittee and the Education Subcommittee. These two subcommittees were established in order to draft recommendations for consideration by the BAC. The Infrastructure Subcommittee will address topics related to selecting, designing, and implementing the Bike Plan’s proposed network of bikeways.  The Education Subcommittee will address educational programs and tools needed to increase safety for vulnerable road users. The equitable distribution of new bike infrastructure and safety of vulnerable road users will be core components of both subcommittees.

The subcommittees will meet in alternating months that the full BAC is not meeting (i.e. Infrastructure Subcommittee will meet in May, the Education Subcommittee will meet in June, and the full BAC meeting will be held in July).

Committee Members

Email the committee at [email protected]

Tom Compson, Chair, Advocate (I/E)

Alejandro Perez, Vice Chair, North Houston Neighborhood Rep. (I)

Tracy Alexander, AARP Foundation

Leah Chambers, Outside Voices (E/I)

Adam J. Williams, Community Advocate

Carl B. Salazar, Greater Houston Partnership (E)

Kristine Anthony-Miller, Houston Police Department (E)

Joe Cutrufo, BikeHouston (I/E)

Lisa Graiff, Houston Parks Board (I/E)

Trevor Reichman, Community Advocate (I)

Jessica Wiggins, Harris County Precinct 4 (I/E)

Yuhayna Mahmud, METRO (I)

Nick Hellyar, BikeHouston

Ben Drews, GOHBRA (I/E)

Amar Mohite, Harris County Toll Road Authority (I)

Mike VanDusen, Super Neighborhood Alliance (I)

Ana Ramirez Huerta, TxDOT Houston District (I)

Nikki Knight, Greater Southeast Management District

Robin A. Holzer, Neartown/Montrose Neighborhood Rep. (I/E)

Dr. Veon McReynolds, Third Ward/South Houston Neighborhood Rep.

Ex-Officio Members

Jennifer Ostlind, Planning & Development Department

Ian Hlavacek, Houston Public Works Department (I)

Patricc Fortiori, Parks and Recreation Department

"I" indicates a member who is serving on the Infrastructure Subcommittee. "E" indicates service on the Education Subcommittee.

Committee Documents

May 22, 2024 (Infrastructure Subcommittee)

  • Agenda
  • Meeting Slides
  • Meeting Notes

April 24, 2024 (Bicycle Advisory Committee)

March 27, 2024 (Education Subcommittee)

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