Hutchins Street

Status: Complete

A high-comfort bikeway is planned for Hutchins Street between Gray Street and Cleburne Street. Construction will also include ADA curb ramp repair, sidewalk repair and pavement repair in targeted locations along the route. This route is part of the Third Ward Bikeway Network and is funded by Harris County Precinct One.

Route Map

A dedicated on-street bike lane (blue) is planned from Cleburne St. to Hadley St. A shared on-street bike route (purple) is planned from Hadley St. to Gray St.

Segment Details

The following illustrations show the general layout of the route in different contexts. Two median closures are planned at Elgin and Alabama to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. Simplified crossings reduces crossing lengths and wait times for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the street as well as calms traffic on the street.

For a detailed view of the corridor, please refer to the final plans below.

Hutchins/Cleburne Final Design

Example of a median closure:


Public Engagement

February 20, 2019. Third Ward Bikeway Network Community Meeting Presentation

See Third Ward Bikeway Network for the full list of public engagement efforts.


Project Partnerships

Harris County Precinct 1

City of Houston Planning and Development Department

Houston Public Works

Project Management & Design Consultants

Jones Carter

Toole Design Group

Traffic Engineers, Inc (TEI)

Contact Us

Questions, concerns, comments and/or feedback? Please contact the Houston Bikeways Program at 832-395-2700 or email [email protected].


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