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11th Street

Status: 30% Design

The 1.5-mile segment of 11th street from Shepherd to Michaux is currently in the design phase. Based on community support and a preliminary feasibility assessment, the 11th Street project will advance into detailed study and design, including safety treatments along the project corridor, such as a pedestrian refuge island at 11th and Nicholson. Additional refuge islands will be considered along the corridor.

Please visit letstalkhouston.org/11th-street-bikeway to review and comment on the latest design proposals.

The project team will continue to share information with the community, including the preliminary designs, and collect input throughout this process.

Design Details

In addition to being identified in the Houston Bike Plan, the 11th Street Bikeway proposal aims to improve safety for people driving, biking, and walking in the Heights area.

One solution to improve safety for all road users is to convert 11th Street from its existing four-lane configuration to that of a two-lane configuration with a center turn lane. How does this make it safer?

Check out this video to learn more about a 4-to-3 lane conversion and the safety benefits it can provide, such as:

Assigning a lane for left-turning vehicles

Reducing vehicle conflicts, such as rear-end collisions, broadside collisions, and side-swipes

Slowing vehicle speeds with only one travel lane in each direction

Maintaining traffic flow without adding to congestion (check out our 11th Street 4-to-3 Lane Traffic Model )

Granting people who walk and bike to cross fewer lanes of vehicle traffic in each direction

Designating a comfortable space for people biking on the street

Implementing pedestrian refuge islands (may also be known as pedestrian safety islands, pedestrian crossing islands, or median refuge islands)

Give people walking and biking the opportunity to wait for clear crossing in a protected refuge

Can be especially useful at tricky intersections, like that of 11th and Nicholson

With a 56% reduction in pedestrian crashes, pedestrian refuge islands have been identified as a proven safety countermeasure by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Example pedestrian refuge island on a three-lane street in Austin, TX

Public Engagement

December 16 2020 Virtual Public Meeting: recording to be posted

Meeting presentation

Attendee questions and responses

May 8 2019 Public Meeting held at Hogg Middle School

Attendees were asked to place a dot where in the Heights area they live and/or work.

11th street proposal in context of other trails (green), on-street bike lanes (Heights Blvd), destinations, and transit.

March 19, 2019 Woodland Heights Civic Association Meeting

March 5, 2019 Public Meeting held at the Historic Heights Fire Hall


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Houston Public Works

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