Gray Street

Status: Complete

To provide a safe connection between Third Ward and Midtown across SH-288, a high-comfort bikeway is planned on Gray Street between the Columbia Tap Trail and Bagby Street. This east-west corridor will link these two neighborhoods to each other, as well as the larger regional network being created through the Harris County Precinct One Partnership.

Project Updates

Pavement markings and striping are in progress on Gray Street. Full signal installation is expected to be complete before Spring 2020.

Route Map

Design Details

The Gray Street Bikeway is designed as a two-way cycle track along the south curb. A few key points:

 Street parking is maintained on both sides

 All driveway access points are maintained

 Visibility is increased at corners by striping existing no parking zones

 At high-volume left turns (Hamilton, Milam, Smith), bikes and cars receive separate signal phases


Public Engagement

September 27, 2019. Houston Southeast Management District. Joint Transportation & Local Mobility and Environmental, Urban Design and Visual Improvement Committee Meeting

September 26, 2019. Houston Southeast Management District. Neighborhood Greenways Connection from Palm Center to MacGregor Park Meeting

April 3, 2019. Project update meeting at Midtown Management District



Project Partnerships

Harris County Precinct 1

City of Houston Planning and Development Department

Houston Public Works

Project Management & Design Consultants

Jones Carter

Toole Design Group

Traffic Engineers, Inc (TEI)

Contact Us

Questions, concerns, comments and/or feedback? Please contact the Houston Bikeways Program at 832-395-2700 or email [email protected].

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