Blodgett and Cleburne

Status: Conceptual

The Cleburne and Blodgett Streets bike lanes are a part of the Third Ward Bikeway projects outlined in the Houston Bike Plan and have been a part of our community outreach and public engagement dating back to 2018. Once completed, these bike lanes will provide additional multi-modal options for the residents in the Third Ward area to bike safely within the community.

Cleburne and Blodgett are parallel streets, with both streets providing opportunities for connectivity in the area, as both streets connect to Columbia Tap Trail and offer accessibility for primary destinations such as Emancipation Park, the Wheeler Transit Center, Texas Southern University (TSU), and the University of Houston (U of H).

The proposed projects are a partnership between the City of Houston and Harris County Precinct 1. Please visit to review, provide comments, and ask questions about the project.


City of Houston Planning and Development Department

Harris County Precinct 1

Houston Public Works

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Questions, concerns, comments and/or feedback? Please contact the Houston Bikeways Program at 832-395-2700 orĀ [email protected]

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