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Hardy & Elysian

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Status: Under Construction

Houston’s first parking-protected bike lane will be on Hardy and Elysian streets. Construction started in February 2019, including repaving certain sections to improve pavement quality. Construction is mostly complete, with 5′ bike lanes, cement curb stops and designated parking spaces to create a physical barrier between the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane. METRO bus stops were also improved.

The parking-protected bikeway facilities will:

  • Extend 2.69 miles (Hardy) and 2.66 miles (Elysian) in length from Harrington Street to Kelley Street
  • Serve as a piece of the Phase 1 Bikeway Network┬áin the community
  • Maintain 5 feet in width of bike lane, 3 feet in width of barrier space, and 8 feet in width for on-street parking
  • Connect people on bikes to major destinations, such as schools, parks, and hospitals
  • Enhance bikeway connections into other neighborhoods, such as Downtown and Kashmere Gardens

Questions, concerns, comments or feedback about construction? Please contact:

Main Lane Industries, LTD
Office: 713-896-3141