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Lyons Avenue

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Status: Construction Complete

As part of the broader bikeway network in Near Northside, the first on-street bike lane to be implemented will be on Lyons Avenue! Construction is complete, with green paint applied at certain intersections.

Lyons Avenue bikeway serves as a piece of the Phase 1 Bikeway Network in the community, which totals 9.2 miles and includes key north-south and east-west connectors such as Hardy, Elysian, and Kelley.

The Lyons Avenue on-street bike lane will:

  • Extend 0.67 miles in length from Hardy Street to Jensen Drive
  • Maintain 6ft in width on both sides of the street
  • Enter into construction at the end of October 2018 (estimated) and
  • Complete construction at the end of December 2018 (estimated)
  • Connect people on bikes to major destinations, such as Saint Arnold’s Brewery
  • Enhance bikeway connections into Downtown and Fifth Ward

Questions, concerns, comments or feedback about construction? Please contact:

Main Lane Industries, LTD
Office: 713-896-3141