Gray Street

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To provide a safe connection between Third Ward and Midtown across SH-288, a high-comfort bikeway is planned on Gray Street between the Columbia Tap Trail and Bagby Street. This east-west corridor will link these two neighborhoods to each other, as well as the larger regional network being created through the City-County partnership.

Upcoming Meetings

Please join us for a project update at the next meeting of the Midtown Management District board:

Wednesday, April 3 at 12 p.m.
410 Pierce St #355, Houston, TX 77002

Route Map

Cross Section

The Gray Street Bikeway is designed as a two-way cycle track along the south curb. A few key points:
• Street parking is maintained on both sides
• All driveway access points are maintained
• Visibility is increased at corners by striping existing no parking zones
• At high-volume left turns (Hamilton, Milam, Smith), bikes and cars receive separate signal phases

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