Final Report and Maps

The Houston Bike Plan was adopted by City Council on March 22, 2017.

Below is an interactive Houston Bikeways Map and links to download the Houston Bike Plan report and large format maps as of February 2017. For a brief overview of the Houston Bike Plan please read the Executive Summary.

Please note the interactive Bikeways Map shows the long term vision for bikeways in Houston.  To view a full screen version of the interactive map, which allows you to see the existing bikeway network, short term opportunities as well as background information in the City of Houston, such as council districts, population and job densities, and transit facilities, please click here.

Final Houston Bike Plan Report (February 2017)

Full Houston Bike Plan Report (PDF 55 MB)

Houston Bike Plan Chapters (February 2017) – Optimized for Online Viewing

Large-Format Maps

Large-Format Maps with City Council Districts

Interactive Network Plan Maps